2020 What does it mean to you?

2020 A brand new day. Not only is it a brand new day but a brand new decade. Living in these times we have seen many changes even in just the past 10 years alone. Technology, movies, music, fashion even attitudes amongst society. Now for some, a new decade is not going to phase everybody. Some will see it as just another year. Some will see it as just another new year and some will see it something a little more. A chance to make dramatic changes, to up their goals or change directions completely.

2020 itself seems quite a magical and meaningful number. It brings up feelings and visuals of films that were set in the future prior to 2020. There where flying cars, society run down, society completely controlled by government and in some films showing society dressed simple with muted selected colours. Thankfully although it seems like life is not there yet, the future is still unwritten. Seriously I am not your fashion mogul but all dressing the same in muted colours is something I can live without.

2020 for me seems to have stirred up a feeling of venture, uncertainty, and excitement. I have had a lot going on personally. More downs than ups but I am determined to see this year through with a bang. I have been doing a lot of self awarness, looking to improve my habits and just plain self improvement. I have never been one to really hide from a challenge and usually welcome them with open arms, but of late the open arms are now holding a shot gun, tryng to blast away every little annoying thing that refuses to get on board and help me for the rest of 2019. I have picked up a lot of new things that I want to take on as an assistant, on my journey. Re-setting my mindset, manifestation and reading more. Although with the reading part I started off well but fafded but I will be getting back on it.


2019 has been a challenging year to say the least.

Although I do have a vision board I will be looking into creating a brand new one. Some goals will be the same but with more added to it and I will also be adding some brand new visions. I think I'm gonna do one with cut outs as oppose to the printed version I have now. I will have to see. I will be making an effort or shall I say a continous effort in my planner. I will be setting some targets that I want to hit. I also want to invest in myself more, education wise programs webinars etc. . 2019 has been a very challenging year to say the least and 2020 is the year where I am going to get results.

With Christmas only four weeks away there is so much I need to do and I really do not want to be caught in the New Year dragging my catch up to do list behind me. As they say I need to start as I mean to go on. Nothing is worse than carrying your left overs into the new year let alone a new decade. It is bad enough that I will most likely be carrying a few extra pounds no need to be carrying anything else. Watch out for more posts on my planning, decorating and other bits and bobs in 2019.

Tell us what your plans are for the rest of 2019 going into 2020.

Till next time.

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