5 tips for taking a break and returning

We all need a break from our busy blogging and vlogging lives. I can not stress enough on how important it is to take some down time.  But fear of losing followers can be the deal breaker that tends to decided whether or not if it is worth the risk. You should not fear losing  your audience, if you are still deciding click on this link > Will taking a break kill my B/Vlog here. Those who are ready to take a break no matter how big or small read on. Here are some quick tips you might want to consider before taking a much-needed break.


Inform your audience that you are taking a little break from posting. You may not necessarily stop all your platforms, but mention the ones that you will be posting on. Also if you have a time limit let them know. You will be back in two weeks a month etc.


Use your down time wisely. Whatever your reason for taking a break make sure you fulfill your goals. Whether it is just a complete hiatus or to use the time to organise your social media. I.E setting up new posts you are going to write or film.


This applies if you have taken a good amount of time out. Or if you just want a change. When you come back, come back with something fresh and new. For example if you have been using the same background for your video’s why not change it or you might want to start-up a mini series for example a tips or how to’s series. This will be a great way to introduce something new. If you are a blogger, you might want to change the theme or layout of your blog. If that is not an option how about how you take your photos. Give your audience a little something to sink their teeth into and to get the attention of potential new followers.


Make sure you enjoy your break, use it to spend time with yourself, family and friends. Use it to catch up on things that you have been putting off or get some treats in like a spa day or dedicated time at home with a facial and hair treatments etc. Pick up a book and do some reading, to help take your mind of things. Whatever you do make sure you enjoy.


About a week or so before you return , make an announcement, with something catchy.  A small poster or something that not only draws the attention of your followers but to grab the attention for those who do not follow you. Prepare something ahead of time so that you are not rushed. Drop a couple of posts every other day to build up momentum.

Bonus tip

Before taking a break (if you have time) set up a few posts in advance. Use one of those applications like hoot suite to schedule your tweets. If you post twice a week on your blog or on your vlog have them ready to go when you return. Two reasons for this.

1. Sometimes life have a way of throwing a spanner in the works for whatever reason, but if you are prepared you don’t have to fall behind or delay your return.

2. Although you have had a nice rest, its nice to go back ahead of yourself.  This can help you ease back into it and hopefully not stress yourself within the first week.

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