Skincare with @lozzahsthoughts

VBE welcomes @lozzahsthoughts as one of our very first featured bloggers. She is an all round blogger who covers travel, food and fitness as well as skincare. Find out more click here.

Lozzah has launched her very first skincare guide to purchase your own copy click here.

For as long as I can remember, my dad used to call me 'live in the mirror' and you can imagine why. I was fortunate enough to have decent skin even during my teenage years, until I hit post university with a complication around my menstrual cycle and my skin took a massive hit. Hyperpigmentation, dullness, dry patches, you name it. So I decided to research into products that where simple to use and affordable. I knew that a skincare routine was necessary but I wanted to eliminate the time it takes. Now my routine takes 2-3 mins in the day and night which can be done by anyone. And it also works for all skin tones, not just POC.

I can only give a sneak peek into some of the brands I use because I'm selling an e-guide on just this! So I use products from Nip+Fab and The Ordinary - they're great!

My guide features a breakdown of the products to be used in the day and night, how to use them dependant on skin type, tips on washing your face, a few controversial products and also how to make your own body butter creams. This can be purchased on my website at

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