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Updated: Jul 3, 2019


Your environment is a reflection of what is going on inside your head. For example when my work space is in total chaos, usually that is how my brain is. So many thoughts and ideas and nowhere to put so it over spills in the real world. Then my enviroment then becomes chaotic and I end up struggling with getting on with my work. I  miss deadlines (my own) and the backlog starts.

It kind of goes around in circles and it is bit like the chicken and the egg, which came first? Is the result of my room from the chaos in my mind or is the chaos in my room the reason why my mind feels chaotic. Either way something needs to be done.

The moment you realise you are repeating bad habits is the moment that you have to break it. To do that you have to get straight on to it and deal with it. So if you have to take time out to tidy your environment then do so. You be glad you did.

If you are just setting up your space or thinking of changing things around here are some ideas.


If you have authority over your space this is a fantastic time to get really creative. So think about your colour scheme and how you want to feel in that space. You might want to go all white then accent it with accessories or all white and choose a wall and paint it a different colour as your feature wall. Make sure the colour/s you chose are relaxing and calming or fun.



If you have the room get some shelves up or a bookcase. Bookcases are great for storing bits on bobs including small plants and stationery.  If you have a small space, how about a few floating shelves.



Make sure that the space around you is not cluttered. Always do a regular sort out either file away or bin. Get appropriate draws or trays that suit your space.



This isn’t for everyone. If you like a little bit of fragrance in your room, invest in a nice incense stick holder or one of those infused scent bottles. Get a scent that will keep you inspired to work.


Also set your environment up with little accents of succulents. These little beauties although come mainly green, you can get some that have a splash of colour. With such a broad variety you are bound to find something you may like. If you do not like the thought of the up keep of plants you can always get artificial ones.



Ad inspirational prints like from SplashTexts Prints  These can add a more motivational and inspiring space. It can brighten up your space and can ad that little flair too.

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