What does your photographs say about your instagram?

Whether it will be your personal account, business account or your personal brand, to grab the attention of your audience, you need to have quality photos. Your photos need to do the following:

1. Grab your audiences attention

2. Let the photo speak for itself

3. Tell people what you are about

You see how the above photo grabs your attention immediatey. There is a lot of attention to deatil. Her dark nail polish, the way she is sitting, the colour of her hair, the pattern in her coffee and the open book. Also, look at the fabrics in this photo. The light to dark and the different textures. All these elements put togther make up a great photo. Even the way she is dressed. Her black long stockings or socks with the black and white stripes. You can not help but to look at the photo in its entirety, it is modern, inspires knowledge or some down time and fashionable at the same time. When you are taking a photo first ask what is it that you want your audience to see.

Visuals have always been a part of peoples lives. In 2020 and the height of everything online and social media, visuals are an intregal part of our influence and messages you want to send out. They play a big part in growing and getting noticed by potenital readers and followers. It is important that if you have never really given much thought about your photos maybe this will be a good time to start.

There are many other parts that will help attract engagement, for example, the use of hashtags, posting at the times that will get you a lot of attention etc but since this is a visual platform photos are the prioirty. As photos tell a thousand words you need to make those photos count. Regardless whether if you use photo stock or take pictures of your own, it is really worth taking the time out to make it a goal to produce the best photos you can.

When you take or use quality photos it really sets the tone of your work. You have composition, lighting, and background. You can make these as simple or as complicated as you want. Use the contrast between light and dark. Use bright light, low light there are so many ways that you can take your pictures. This includes yourself as well as subjects. The photo below is a beautiful example of composition, light and layout. The colours of the coffee, table, glasses and laptop all marry together nicely.

Now you may have read many times over that having a theme for your photos such as filters or a spectrumn of colours in your photos will really help with your engagement and following. Now I do not oppose this and fully support it, however, since a lot of people jumped on this trend the novelty has worn off a bit. Once upon a time you could probably rely on just amazing photos alone, but like everything else you have to step up your game since everyone and their dog is on the same page. Now it is not to say that if you are starting something new you can't go ahead and create an account with a theme, it does take some planning and dedication and did I say planning. Sometimes you just see something and want to take a picture but then it doesn't fit in your order of how you have planned your instagram so therefore you will either have to abandon it or try to find some way to make it fit into your aesthetic look. These are the types of things that need to be thought about when you are setting up your instagram. Whether it be a new account or making a change to your current one.

There are a few apps out there that can help you see how your gram will look before you start to post here are just a few.


Preview Plan



As well looking ahead to see what your gram will look like they have other features as well such as scheduling, saving hashtags etc. You will have to try them out and see what works best for you. Check out the theme example below. You see how the red and pink are the common theme and how the subjects are strategically placed to create these lovely photos. Each photo has been thororughly thought out and since it is Valentines this fits nicely for a Valentine theme.

These apps are best if you plan to plan your instagram. This means you would have to put aside some time to decide what kind of photos you would like to post to create a specfic theme.

If having a theme is a little bit too much work for you it is not a problem. You don't need to have a theme or a uniformed gram to have a good looking feed but you definetly need to have quality photos. See the grid below. Now I purposley did a variety of photos from holiday, food, craft and transportation just to show you although the pictures are a collection of different photos from different topics you can still create a good gram. This gram is still aesthetically pleasing even though there was no planning involved.

Now in real life even the pictures below look planned and lets be honest who really has time to have a glossy gram? Well you do and you have to make time especially if you are looking to grow your gram. But as I am someone who likes to fall away from the trend it is perfectly ok not to have a glossy gram but make sure that your photos and (I haven't mentioned this), your video quality is of a good standard.

No matter how you showcase your gram, effort and a little planning goes a long way and of course patience. There is no magic wand and practices quickly become old and the shiny new syndrome fades away so relying on just an amazing visual gram isn't always going to work.

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