Will taking a break kill my B/Vlog ?

To be a vlogger and or blogger today is pretty hard. The wagons have been chugging along for years and if you were not on the first train 10 years ago or even 5 years ago the bar has pretty much been set. Everyday there are new bloggers and vloggers looking to make their presence and to hopefully reach tens of thousands of followers. You spend hours watching videos and reading blogs on how to increase your followers and to get more engagement and one thing that is consistent amongst this power house of information is consistency. As much as you post everyday, engage with others and edit your pics to death and make sure your lighting is right for filming, it can sometimes seem to be never enough and with everyday life the pressure is full on and at some point it is time to take a break.

So you have come to that decision. You need time off from your brand. But there is that impending fear that if you take some time out, you will be met with less followers and you will feel as though you have to come back and work extra hard. The question is do you take that break and risk it all?

The answer is yes. Because you will not risk it all. Let me tell you why. If people really support you. They wouldn’t stop following you just because you need a break. I mean you are not their only blog they are reading or vlog they are watching. Taking a break could really be good for you and it can also build up momentum for when you do return.

Everyone needs down time and down time can be a good thing. You get a chance to look at your blog or vlog and see where you are and if you are still on the path that you have set for yourself. It is also a good way to see if you want or need to make changes and freshen up your platform.

Taking a break will not kill your blog or vlog, your loyal followers will remain and your non loyal ones, well who needs them anyway. The reality is you have to let the fear go and have confidence in your brand. Killing yourself to stay current is only going to hurt you more and even risk you burning out completely, then you will never reach your goal.

So relax take in a massage and much needed down time. Remember being at the top isn’t always all smiles. Hence why so many top vloggers get overwhelmed and have to disappear for a few months or pack it in altogether.

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