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Using MoStory


You can also add music

There are so many apps that you can choose from when creating your posts. The designs are endless and you can easily spend a lot of time happily getting lost. With these apps you can create stunning and beautiful posts consistent with the look that you want to create. When you  create a consistent look this can increase your brand presence.

Most of these apps are free and they either have one off purchases or monthy and  yearly purchases. Don't worry if you do not have a budget for apps there is  more than enough free choice for you to find something that you will like.



Example of Canva with a watermark

There are some apps however that don't really give much for example I recently downloaded mojo. They only have a handful of free templates the rest you have to pay and they only had a handful of paid ones also. Now I do not know that if you pay there will be a lot more templates to choose from. They have three templates catergories to choose from. Gold, Minimal and photography.
I use Canva for most of my posts look at the examples above. You can also upload video to your posts which is amazing. Canva do have a lot of free templates however (this is the good part) with some of the templates they have a watermark but you can still use them. Now Canva will cost you £107 a year, £9 a month or if you want to pay monthly £10.99

Canva is amazing. The phone and web are very different. Free and paid membership.

Story Art

Love this for adding high quality video for your stories. There is no Website you can download from the stores. They also have a section for highlight covers.

Highlight cover and logoo maker

This app is great for creatiing your highlight covers this is what I used for my highlight covers. They have lots of free templates and you can upgrade if you like. You also have the option to change the templates.


For quick videos, especially for marketing this app is amazing.

Video Show Pro

This is one of my first video apps that I used. It is great for making all kinds of videos. I have made marketing videos, collage videos and promotial videos. It is worth getting the pro version. Lots of music and templates to choose from. You can even add your own voice for a more personal touch.

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